What do I need to access iTunes U?

Most importantly, you'll need a computer running either Windows or MacOS X, an Internet connection (the faster, the better, but you can still download files over a modem - it'll just take longer), and iTunes.

Where can I download iTunes?

To get started, you will need to download iTunes from Apple's website. It is a free download and available for both Windows and Mac. Once you have downloaded and installed iTunes, you can access iTunes U by clicking one of the two buttons above.

Download iTunes

Do I need an iPod?

Nope. You can listen to or view any files you download from iTunes U directly on your computer, or you can burn your audio files to disc and listen to them in the car, on your portable CD player, or on your home stereo.

How do I get to the VCU iTunes U site?

The easiest way to get to the VCU site within iTunes U is to point your web browser to and click on either the Full Access iTunes button (for students, faculty, and staff) or Public iTunes button (for anyone else).

What's the difference between the Full Access iTunes and the Public iTunes?

Full Access iTunes is for VCU faculty, students, and staff only and requires your VCU eID and password to log in. Public iTunes can be accessed by anyone and requires no login. Faculty and staff wishing to upload content to iTunes and students wishing to access course-related material must use the Full Access link.

What is my username and password for the Full Access iTunes U site?

The Full Access iTunes U site uses your VCU eID and password for login. Not sure what your eID is? You can find out using the VCU eID Finder. Forgotten your password? Use the eID Password Retrieval system. If that doesn't work, your best option is to contact the Technology Services Helpdesk.

Can I put my content on iTunes U?

If you are a faculty or staff member at VCU, you may request space for your content on iTunes U. Students are not allowed to post content on iTunes U directly, however professors who wish to host student-created content for a specific purpose may repost students' work on iTunes.